The “B” Litter

A repeat litter from Jazz and Wembley arrived on February 14, 2013   . . .   Seven little Wembleberries

The “B” Litter aka The Love Litter … Seven Perfect Puppies

Thursday morning started off like most any other day when you have your 16-month-old grandson visiting:  wide open!  Jazz was due on February 16 so we were taking her temperature daily but not really expecting a drop yet.  99.2* and she was pacing the perimeter of the back yard.  Miss Scarlet, I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no puppies!!  That’s not totally true but I can’t imagine there ever being a litter when you feel totally adequate for anything that might arise. 

Everything you read tells you that the mama should be in a quiet and calm environment.  Well, I did my best but it was just not to be.  My mother was with us for a few days so she finally got our little grandson Joey sequestered in the bonus room upstairs but Little Miss Addie would have no part of patiently and quietly waiting outside.  Jazz didn’t seem to mind having her daughter watching from a distance and it was certainly more peaceful that way.

At noon, the first boy was born.  Oh my gosh!  He wasn’t breathing!!  With one hand trying to stimulate the puppy and the other dialing the vet, I prayed one of those panicky yet purposeful prayers:  God, please help this puppy!  And He did.  Apparently Jazz had more sense about the situation than I did and she took care of matters with calm determination.  As soon as “Pete” started to whine a little, Addie appeared out of no where and dropped a little toy in the whelping pool.  It was the sweetest gesture of Auntie Love I’ve ever seen.  A little Valentine’s love, if you will!  

Every twenty minutes or so another puppy was born.  After number six, we palpated her abdomen and felt nothing.  Jazz seemed relaxed and we were delighted with those six amazing little creatures.

I was upstairs packing for the Greenville shows and voila … Jazz popped out another puppy all by herself!  The final count is 3 boys and 4 girls.  We’re excited about this litter and hopeful that these puppies will be everything that the first litter is.  Chuck and Addie set the bar pretty high!

It truly was a Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Magnificent Seven (B Litter)

The Magnificent Seven (B Litter)

The Line-Up

IMG_0950 IMG_0928 IMG_0969 IMG_1017                                                                    IMG_0971    IMG_0046 IMG_7578 IMG_7583 IMG_7593 My Favorite My Second Favorite IMG_7640 IMG_7643 IMG_7661 IMG_1349     IMG_1861                     DSC04636                        DSC04667DSC04674         IMG_0715       IMG_0714      IMG_1591DSC04657              DSC04654           DSC04653                  DSC04628

Little goes home

Little goes home


All the Bs have gone home...

All the Bs have gone home…