The “A” Litter

Jazz and Wembley . . . a Fabulous Combination

 Wembley + Jazzberry = Wembleberry         Two Amazing Little Wembleberries  arrived on May 18, 2011


      Wembley by Amazing Grace Photography For more information on Wembley:

               Wembley  (GCH Int’l CH Flatbrook’s Balcones Buckaroo  JH  NA1  FD  CGC) 

Jazz (Ch. Firesides Jazzberry Jam)          jazz portrait in front of tree

Addie...So cute!

May 18 was quite an exciting day for the Carr family!  Jazz went into labor at 7:30 a.m. but didn’t progress quickly enough so we made the trek to Sanford to see Dr. Settle.  A little Oxytocin and Calcium helped speed things along  but the little male was a twister and not positioned properly. My vehicle is now affectionately known as the “Whelping Wagon”!   Around 8:00 p.m. we sped across town to the Emergency Vet Clinic and thought a C-Section was imminent but thankfully a little pre-op relaxed Jazz enough for Dr. Gill to be able to successfully turn Little Boy and she delivered him naturally!  Little Girl slipped into the world with no problem at all.  We were home by midnight with 2 healthy puppies and a wonderful mama dog who was meticulously caring for her pups.  We hope you enjoy the pictures!