About Griffs

Thinking of getting a Griff?

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (member of the Sporting Group) is an incredibly versatile hunting dog, family dog and companion dog.  They are very intuitive, easy to train, and just plain hilarious!  It’s not unusual to see a Griff with her head cocked sideways as she tries to figure out just what it is that you’re doing!  They naturally love the field, the water, and they take pretty well to the confirmation ring, too!  (From our limited experience, that seems to be the Griff’s least favorite venue, however!)  Griffs are great trackers in the field and in the home (more stories on that in a later article) and their cooperative, fun-loving and adaptable personalities make them the family favorite!   

darin and jazz hunting

darin and addie in field

1) Griffs require daily exercise to keep them calm, cool and collected.  A working Griff is a happy Griff!  Their nature is to be active . . . hunting and retrieving best meets this need.  

2)  Their coats require a little upkeep.  It is important to remove the puppy coat and remove the debris picked up from outdoor exploits (burs, cockleburs, etc).  

3)  We’ve found that Griffs can be a bit tender-hearted and must be trained with a gentle hand.

Breaking their will but not their spirit is a fine art but can be mastered with consistency, gentleness and praise for a job well done!  


Darin highly recommends reading, re-reading and applying the principles of Chuck Johnson’s book,Training the Versatile Hunting Dog.